Professional solutions for efficient and quality manufacturing...

Bilge Makine has been in the leading group of Europe’s best machine manufacturing sector since 1986. Bilge Makine is striving for providing the best technical service for it’s clients and contributing the World markets with the machineries which have been manufactured by long term R&D studies.

Solution oriented machines

  • Plastic profile and pipe extrusion lines (single and double screw
    extruders, vacuum calibration units, haul off units, cutting units and winding machine),
  • (TPE) Extrusion Lines
  • Coextruders
  • Profile printing machineries
  • Machinery for Stone Cladding onto PVC panels
  • Deep Embossing and engraving machinery
  • Pad printing machineries (Tampomatic)

Customer oriented service

Bilge Makine is based on costumer oriented services in all phases especially in aftersales. Designs genuine conceptions for customer’s expectations and requirementsdemands. Shows efforts to strengthen competitions around the world with the machines manufactured using the most advanced technologies.
Minimalises grievance of customers aftersale by using high quality materials and appropriate designs in machines that have been manufactured.

From Turkey to the world

Bilge Makine exports originally designed machines to various countries.

  • Mainly Russia in that area,Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia,Georgia, Moldova.
  • In Turkic countries, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.
  • In Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
  • If Africa, Libya, Tunusia, Ethiopia
  • In Europe, France, England, Spain, Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Serbia.

High quality production

Our machines are manufactured according to the international standarts with their qualified structures and geniune designs. Bilge Machinery collaborates with companies leading the sector which have proven their quality in order to supply qualified products and service to the customers. The machine manufactured by Bilge Makine are tested by both TSI and CE standarts for providing safe usage.