Q: What’s usage area of machinery made by Bilge Machinery

Every kind of plastic profile (hard or soft) can be produced.
For example PVC skirting, curtain rail, wall and ceiling panels, siding profile and ancilliary elements, bath room seramic corner strip, fotograpgy frame profiles, furniture edge strips, sealings for automobile door and cover, white furniture door sealings, break peunomatic hoses, plastic pipe and hoses, curtains, jalousie,window blind, etc., thermoplastic profiles (Seals etc.), winding soft profiles, printing profiles (painting), profile engraving ve embossing, sand cladding on the profiles.
Pad printing onto the several surfaces. I.e. pen and pencils, lighters, calculaters, shoe heels, pans, air conditions panels, panels for the white furnitures, car front panels etc.

Q: Since when have you been in machinery industry?

A: Since 1986.

Q: Are machineries your designs?

Bilge Machinery designs and manufactures special machines for it’s clients’ requests. I.e. winding units for thermoplastic profiles and hose, embosing and engraving for the several profiles.
Furthermore, all of our machinery designs are made by ourselves and are being continuously developed. Usage efficiency, energy saving are considered to be important. Our pad printing machines’ trademark is

Q: Are your products meeting for EU and TSE standarts?

Our machines are manufactured according to related standarts and EU CE declarations. LVD tests are done and required safety measures are taken.